Fullmoon wo Sagashite Final Live Drama Translation

Version release:
17-10-12 Track 1 & 3 translated, still missing a few words
18-10-12 Track 5 translated, polishing track 1 & 3. Track 3 should be good by now.
20-10-12 Rest of the tracks translated. Cleanup for Track 1 and 5.
21-10-12 More cleanup and found the meaning of missing words!

24-10-12 Posted

08-11-12 Moved the post to this new address
UPDATE: As of today I found that apparently someone else had translated the CD. Had I known that earlier, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time rewinding the tracks with dictionary on my hand (>o<)
Oh well, it’s a good exercise and I’m glad to see my translation isn’t too far off.

I know this is so late as the manga had finished its serialization by 2004, but I’ve just finished watching the anime and couldn’t resist making this… Someone should make one. I know that when I was trying to find a translation for Drama CDs and have hard time finding any.
The Final Live CD is basically the two last episode of the anime with some elaborations. Very beautiful. I do prefer the manga though, but the anime is a good watch. Notice that some part won’t make sense if you don’t watch the anime version.
My translation is a bit rough, as my comprehension of Japanese is still shaky.

Tracks in bold are songs, therefore will not be translated but I will provide links to the lyrics soon. There are cues in the drama part where certain songs are to be played so unlike other Drama CDs, the songs are separated from the dialogues though chronically some songs are sung during some tracks (particularly in Track 3 and Track 8). Great if you can play both the song and dialogues from two players for full ambiance.
Without further ado, here it is!
italic: Mitsuki’s monologue
Track 1-Sugisarishi Hibi (Passing Days)

I’m Kouyama Mitsuki, 13 years old. It has been half a year after the day of my fated last concert, but everyone, their cheerings, even now,in my ears, they never leave. Such gentle gazes…About that day, I’ll definitely will never forget. In this heart, always, always. Father and mother in the heaven, and Eichi too, where everyone is, can you hear me? My song.

That day, I can feel the will to live, everyone’s gentle feelings, I hold tight on them, it’s overflowing in my song. Definitely, from the sky you’re watching me too, right? My- Full Moon’s final concert.

*flashback* *cheering fans*
*Sound of haircut*
Mitsuki: Meroko, your hair!
Meroko: Takuto, this. I’ll give you my power. Turn Mitsuki into Full Moon!
Takuto: Meroko…thank you.
*Meroko smiles.*
Meroko: Give me lots of gratitude, will you? Afterall, a maiden treasures her hair very much.
Takuto: Mitsuki, let’s go! …I’m okay. I’ll never forget about you!
Mitsuki: Takuto…
*Mitsuki turns into Full Moon*

I can sing thanks to Takuto and Meroko. Without both of them, I might’ve given up singing, and living. And this is my last concert. As Full Moon, singing with everyone, this is one last time. Thank you Takuto, Meroko. Everyone too, thank you very much! Ah…Such gratitude,completing the feelings filling my chest that I couldn’t put it into words. My song, this includes everything. For the sake of everyone, Takuto and Meroko, for the sake of them…

Track 2-Eternal Snow-http://crystalflames2.tripod.com/id26.html
Track 3-Sorezore no Omoi (Every feelings)

*crowd cheering*
Mitsuki: Takuto, Meroko, did you hear me? I sing with so much feelings in my heart. I’ll continue until the very last. Because I have such will to sing within myself. I think I could convey this to people too. Takuto, Meroko, I’m now very happy.
*Eternal Snow starts slowly*
Takuto: Who…am I?
Meroko: *gasp* You..Um… You’re Takuto.
Takuto: Takuto?… Why…am I here?
Meroko: Takuto… Even you’ve forgotten everything…about Mitsuki you wanted to protect with all your might,
and me, the one who love you the most, Takuto…
So… see, you’re here to make new memories.
Takuto: New…memories..?
Meroko: You’re right. Takuto,look at Full Moon until the end, okay? Full Moon, no, Mitsuki is singing with her whole best. That’s why, for you who have forgotten everything, this will be your first new memory.
I… really love Takuto. But Takuto is to Mitsuki…Mitsuki is to Takuto…
Seeing them together sharing such treasured feelings, I too, will abandon my feelings. For the two of you. Mitsuki is not going to die, for Takuto’s sake, I’ve decided. That’s why, Takuto, I believe in you. Even though you’ve forgotten those memories, Takuto will still protect Mitsuki with those feelings just like before. In Takuto’s heart, it’s engraved in your heart.

Takuto:…This is the first time I’ve heard that…But that girl’s song…is really nice, don’t you think?
Meroko: …yeah.

Track 4-Focus-http://www.lyricstime.com/changin-my-life-focus-lyrics.html*1
Track 5-Ketsui he no Joukyoku (Towards Determination)
I wonder if this reaches everyone. This feeling of mine, I want to share it to the world, and the heaven. My memories. It has been one year since I debuted. A lot of things have happened. By the meeting with a lot of people, I’m saved. This is my precious treasure. With that treasure in my heart, I held to that in my song. Until the last time, just a little bit more, please hear me.
Track 6-SMILE
Track 7-Myself
Track 8-Yakusoku (Promise)-Dialogues take place before and in the middle of Love Chronicle
Takuto: Urgh…uh.
Meroko: Takuto?! What’s it? Does it hurt? Wait a minute, I’ll fetch some water!
It…can’t be…! Takuto, please, hang until the end of Mitsuki’s concert…Please, Takuto!
Takuto: It hurts…and I don’t remember anything…I don’t remember anything about myself. Why am I here? Who am I? Who’s the one at the stage? The song… it sounds so dear to me…who’s that girl? Why do I feel like this like I can’t take my eyes off her? It hurts…! As if…my body is torn apart…But why… why do I want to be here until the end?
*clapping fans*
Mitsuki: Thank you everyone! Now.. I’ve something to tell everyone. From my debut until now, it has been a very precious one year to me. From a little girl who knows nothing to experience all these. To me, song is life. Something so valuable, so precious, so that’s why, in order to protect that
important thing, please hear my selfish request. Fullmoon… will be on hiatus.
Audience: Eeehh? *whispers*
Today is the last time I can meet all of you for a while.
Everyone, I promise! I’ll be back someday! To meet you again, definitely!
Mitsuki: Thank you everyone, thank you! I’m really thankful. Please enjoy my last song! For everyone’s sake, and for that person’s sake. Without that person, I cannot sing like this again.

Meroko: Takuto! No, Takuto, please don’t disappear now! It’s Mitsuki’s last song…
Mitsuki: This is for that person. Love Chronicle…
*Love Chronicle begins*
Meroko: No, Takuto!
*Takuto disappeared into Deus Master’s dark shadow*
*Meroko is struggling from the shadow in front of Mitsuki, so she stops mid-song.
Meroko: Takuto… I’ll make sure Mitsuki will not die! I’ll certainly protect Mitsuki, for Takuto’s sake too!
So Mitsuki, please continue singing. I want to hear your song too!
*Meroko disappeared into the shadow*

Track 9-Love Chronicle-http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fullmoon/lovechronicle.htm
Track 10-Wakare (The Parting)
I’ve done it. That was the last song. I, until now, my singing is filled with so many feelings. For everyone, I can do it, conveying my feelings.
but…Takuto, Meroko, where are you? That..’s…I…can’t sing anymore…
Please come again…
Merokoooo! Takutoooo!

Track 11-Mirai He (To the Future)-New Future is played during the last part.
Though difficult, the surgery was a success and once again I can see the dream where I can sing again one day. It’s all thanks to everyone, including Takuto and Meroko.
Me and Takuto’s fate unexpectedly collided that we could meet once again by chance. Today is half a year since the concert.
*Mitsuki running*
Mitsuki: *pant…pant…* Takuto!
Takuto: You’re late, kid.
Mitsuki:*pant…pant* sorry…sorry. I was thinking…about lots of things…it slowed me down.

Takuto is here. He’s no longer a Shinigami. I can talk with him, laugh with him, we can face the life together. I can be beside him. From now on, together, definitely together, let’s walk together, okay, Takuto?
For Meroko too, forever and ever.

Takuto: Oi, you’ve been staring at me and strangely quiet since we met. Something on my face?
Mitsuki: Um, no-It’s nothing.
Takuto: What’s this? A bunny plushie? Is this popular at school now?
Mitsuki. Um. Isn’t it cute?…What’s it, Takuto?
Takuto: Hmm, stop looking at it, will you? But… this this keychain, it’s as if I’ve seen it somewhere…as if it’s in my heart…like it belongs to a friend…
Mitsuki: Ta~ku~to?
Takuto: No. No problem. Then, let’s go!
Mitsuki:Hey, wait, Takuto!

It might have disappeared from you memories, but somehow, somewhere, you never forget her, don’t you?
I’m happy. Takuto, certainly Meroko too. That’s why, wherever Meroko is, she would remember us too.

Mitsuki: Hey, wait Takuto! You walk so fast! Wait! Ah. Gotcha!
Takuto: Stop clinging on me, kid.
Mitsuki: From now on, there’d be lots of new memories created, right? Takuto, even now we have them, right?
Meroko, I, from now on until the end, will live to the fullest, singing with all my might. With Takuto, for Meroko, with lots of memories and feelings as we create them together…
Takuto: Way to go, kid.
Mitsuki: Finally!

Track 12-New Future-http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fullmoon/newfuture.htm
*story part ends here*
Track 13-Myself~Meroko Version-http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fullmoon/myself.htm*3
Track 14-Eternal Snow~Route:L (Takuto Kira’s vocal)
Bonus track: SMILE-Arina Tanemura’s vocal version-http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fullmoon/smile.htm (She’s a surprisingly good singer!)

*1 That link doesn’t provide the English translation. You can find it yourself but please hear me, do so after you finished the drama CD. There is a reason why that song didn’t make it into main songs like Eternal Snow and Myself. Because despite being a good song with catchy tunes, the lyrics are so beyond Fullmoon, and it doesn’t fit emotionally like another songs.
*2 Takuto calls Mitsuki ‘sochibi’, meaning somewhere around bratty kid to shorty. In Indonesian version they translated it into ‘cebol’ or ‘shorty’.
It’s a light insult though he uses it affectionately. Close to the way you call your best friend ‘jerk’, I suppose.
*3 Myself is a very unique song since every character only sing part of the full lyrics, tailored to each character’s backstory, hence the title ‘Myself’. In that link, Meroko’s part is from beginning until “tooku hanarete wakatta yo” then skip straight to “..doushite omoide” until “…natteku yo”. FYI, Mitsuki’s part is from beginning to “..wakatta yo”, while Takuto’s starts from “doushite doushite suki nan darou konna ni namida afureteru…” then skip straight to “nakinagara…” until the end.

DONE! Is it understandable enough or do I need to clean up the structures? There are liberty to some extent to guess some words. Not that much, I swear, I do my best to be accurate. I like accurate translation as much as you do. I hope this help whoever in need, or general fans without access to the CD.
Comment if you find errors or would want to contribute!


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