Jakarta no Kaze

Blame it to Full Moon anime. I went searching for more Changin’ My Life stuffs, and found this one in ‘Caravan’ tracklist. Needless to say, I’m intrigued. Jakarta no Kaze means Winds of Jakarta. They’re making a song about my country? The song starts with typical Indonesian market atmosphere, complete with the sellers’ yelling ‘Beli!Beli!Beli!’ (translation: ‘Buy!Buy!Buy!’)  and some children’s laughter.

Guess what I did next. Googling the lyrics. Apparently, either their accent sounds so foreign or my hearing isn’t that good, there’s an Indonesian sentence in the refrain: ‘Jauh di mata dekat di hati’ (Far from eyes, near the heart). Eh, I’d like to read the whole lyrics’ English translation. Then skimming further down, I stopped. There’s a line mentioning ‘Sumatra’. Wait a minute. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is located on the island of Java as far I can remember, and as far the history books are to be believed. Jakarta never moved away its original location. Sumatra is another island by the west of Java, where I live. Did they make a mistake?

I still can’t figure out the meaning except that it’s something like ‘star of Sumatra’. Well, I don’t see how it’s connected with Jakarta in any way. So if you consider yourself well-versed in Japanese, do me a favor and tell me what that part means (even better if you can provide me with whole translation. I’ll give you the credits, of course.).


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