An Extra Note to Taking it Personally

This is a very short follow up from my earlier post. This time I’ve completely finished the game, and I’ve seen more to understand the varying reactions to this game.
I’ll admit, reading it closer this time, and having access to more scenes, there are some disturbing points. I’m not talking about possible relationship with Arianna. What I’m talking about is how frank the script is regarding…uh, you know, the bird and the bees.
Call me conventional, but growing up with Eastern values, that sort of things do make me uncomfortable. Some scenes aren’t so bad. Some, however, a little bit overboard. It’s just me, of course. I skipped some awkward parts, but playing it completely had given me extra respect for Kendall and Arianna. I’m still trying to justify Taylor, though. Yet, that part is so realistic and humane. I’m not liking her is because I treat her seriously as if she’s my real life friend.
Back to the topic, this has much to do with cultural disrepancies. American players might not understand why I make such a big deal over it, but here, high school dating is way more innocent. Boys will be boys and they’ll joke about it everywhere, but it’s unusual and highly frowned upon to actually do the act before you tie the knots. In big cities they’re getting freer, and this is something many people are concerned about.
John in Arianna’s path is a mess. The writer can handle her better if there’s enough buildup. Yet the whole affair starts within two days John sets foot in that class, making him unbelievable.Reading the writer’s blog post, apparently he’s supposed to be a bad teacher. I think he’s a pretty good one.
Nolan, on the other hand, doesn’t get too much light no matter which path you choose. His development is quite subdued and he’s still in identity crisis even at the end.
Isabella and Charlotte stay as my favorite.
Now that have been taken care of, I’m looking forward to read ‘Analogue’.


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