Maybe Filler Isn’t So Evil Afterall…

I started rereading Bleach. Once again, TVTrope is right. It’s so much better to read without having to wait between books. Currently Indonesian release has reached volume 50, fyi.
I never bother to read the anime because the sheer amount of episode. I can finish a volume under fifteen minutes, but spending twenty minutes per episode is just too much. Besides, I tend to stick with canon, and the anime has the tendency to lengthen the already drawn out battles. But then out of boredom I seek for episodes adapted from chapters I like (mostly flashbacks and epic battles) which lead to several hours surf at TVTropes and Bleach Wikia, which lead to me searching for interesting filler episodes.
No, I don’t talk about filler arc and lengthy non-canon additions. I’m talking about those extra episodes filled with parody and leaning to the fourth wall.
355:New Year Special isn’t so funny, and the first part is kinda boring, but I like the quite-serious second part.
Then enter 287 and I laughed the entire episode. If you haven’t watched it, it’s an Aladdin-style parody of the entire SS arc. Byakuya is a total win here.
You need something to be convinced?
If you ask me, however, episode 298 takes the cake. In commemoration of Bleach Movie 4, Seireitei decides to have a ‘Film Festival’ (quoting Renji, do not think about it too much) and Ichigo, as always, is dragged to his friends’ antics.
I can’t help but grin every time Ichigo gets blown up. Believe me, it’s almost the whole time.
Still searching for more, so chime in if you know which episode is as stupidly funny.
These episodes are nothing substantial to the canon, of course, but the lighthearted stories and amusingly out-of-character moments are epic. Hell, none of them makes sense in term of plot and chronology, but who cares?
So we have arc fatigue? Too much battles? If you have read the manga you can skip the adapted episodes and just enjoy the extras!


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