Tired of Ordinary Otome Game? Check This Out

We have enough vampires, zombies, and werewolves as love interest in literary works. It’s getting too  clichéd, so Camille and Neon of Lemmasoft forum had taken it as a challenge to themselves to solve the problem. In the best otome game ever, created in 48 hours, they’re proud to present you a heartwarming love story between a college girl working in a bakery and a cake with philosophical streak.

You read that right.

Girl (no default name) slaves over a tiramisu one morning and fall asleep once it’s finished and cooled. She wakes up only to find her precious tiramisu missing and a serious-looking guy watching her sleep. He claims that he is her cake. He must be delusional…right?

IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE STUPID. The idea is so silly and I almost scolded myself for ever thinking of playing this. A decision to scroll down and a few forum posts later, I clicked on that game. You might want to visit the thread as well.

It’s surprisingly good. You don’t like soap-opera style romance? Avoid the ‘good’ ending and be prepared to laugh. A lot. The sheer craziness of the premise will at least give you a little break from your life. Despite the absurd story, the characters are solid and there are some very good lines. A little bit of advice won’t hurt. Do not think of the storyline too seriously. It’s meant to be lighthearted.

This is a browser based games and can be played here. There is no back button though, so if you want to choose another option, you will have to start over.

Another title you might want to try is Prince of Nigeria. Anyone who have email account must be well acquainted with the prince of Nigeria, who is going to give you thousands of dollars if you provide your personal info (if you don’t know, it’s a scam). Now a short visual novel is out to make a jab at it!


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