Dear Prince of Nigeria
Subject: Re: That game I mentioned earlier

Dear You,
It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce you to this game, made by Soyasushi productions. Surely you have known about the famous Nigerian prince, yes? It has become such a popular joke that someone made this for this year’s April Fools.

What if someone actually believes the email? A naive and delusional girl buys the tearjerking story of the prince, and replies his email. In Hayate no Gotoku the story opens with Nagi mistaking Hayate’s kidnapping declaration as love confession. Here, the girl thinks the prince is wooing her by asking for her help with such determination. That’s the premise, and this game just runs away with it.

Dear my trusty friend, if you’re interested, download it here. If you’re not, you better try it at least once. I promise you will crack a smile or two. It will only take 15-20 minutes of your time. There are only two endings with mere total of six options. Your mileage may vary as to consider whether the good ending is really good, but I warranty the utter crack (is that the correct term?). Oh, and the art is too good for this parody, really.

Once you’ve finished the game once, you’ll unlock a bonus menu, where you can find the epilogue, which explains everything but make the game less humorous, media gallery, and author’s notes (have you seen such an interesting author’s notes?).

Attached are screenshots from the game. I am sorry if I sound a bit dry, because doing this review after playing [text] is quite a mood whiplash.

Try the game. I hope you will not betray my trust for the mutual benefit of our sanity.




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