It Happened In a Summer…

One summer break Maya managed to convince her mother to let her travel alone to her uncle’s residence, a small shrine where he worked as a caretaker. A text intended for her uncle was replied by someone else, a boy named Takeshi who used to work part-time at the shrine. That was how they met, and the beginning of Maya’s summer days…

[text]~A Summer Story

I actually finished this after ‘Re: Prince of Nigeria’, but I have to let this out of my mind. ASAP.  I downloaded a lot of VN today, so I forgot which genre this belonged to, only that this isn’t romance (yay!) . It was my first mistake to think that this is a short and cute story. Oh how much I regret saying that. The art and atmosphere certainly fooled me. It didn’t help that I kept getting ending 2 and 5 , both don’t touch at the main story at all.

The game has 7 endings with about 15-20 minutes playtime per path. Not long, but it’ll certainly leave an impression on you. Endings are numbered and titled. You can see which ending you have gotten in the info. Before we get into the story, the art’s really nice and the sound effects give appropriate ambiance. Just from looking at the screenshot you’ll see just how much work is put on this game.

Main Menu

It wasn’t until I got the 6th ending that I finally knew what was going on. I was shocked and speechless. Curiosity killed the cat indeed. Thinking I screwed something up, I replayed the game for the fifth or sixth time to get ending 3 at the path I ignored early on because I thought it’d bring me back to 2. Once more. Come ending 4. I thought that was it and my mind could finally try to wrap everything, I checked the info to see there are 7 endings in total. Several replays after the 7th ending blew on my face.

What was that?

It was brilliant, yet so… I couldn’t convey it properly. After getting all ending I somehow trying to make myself regretting for ever trying to go beyond ending 2 and 5. Surely not knowing the truth would be much better. Maybe.

I already told you it’s not boy-chase-girl type of story, but if you expect budding romance, turn back now. You have been warned.

Check this out by yourself. I will not link to the dev’s page because there is a walkthrough in plain sight and reading the comments will erase your curiosity painfully.

novel part

Now the negatives. There is no skip button like usual VNs, so unless you save at every option screen, have fun clicking all the way through when you make mistake^_^

Below here is my ending rants, and needless to say, full of spoiler. DO NOT read this part before you finish the game.

Ending 1 is freakin’ hard to get and it’s not even worth it! Worse, after I got it once I kept getting it over and over again! Why am I so bad at getting bad endings?
Ending 2 and 5 are so normal that I wish I leave the game at that. It’d be just a sweet memory of a holiday that way.
Somehow I’m glad I got ending 6 before 4 and 7, because 4 totally ruins Takeshi’s image in my mind (not that the two endings are much better). Seriously, I didn’t think he is actually…
Ending 4 is totally creepy. yet I can’t help but symphatized with Takeshi. Such poor thing.
I spent so much time getting ending 7 because the beginning is the same as ending 6 so I thought I was on the wrong track.
Which one is the real ending? I prefer 6 best since it brings some sort of closure.
Ending 7? How…depressing. I’m gonna sulk at the corner now.


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