Ripple~The First Drop

A drop of water will not make difference
A person will not be able to change the world

That’s what Koda firmly believes. Living his life being a total skeptic and pessimist, Koda’s only refuge is his camera and the only thing he loves in the world: photography. One day he meets a girl who insists that even a drop of water will create ripples.

The story is just beginning.


Brought to you by sakevisual, known for their short but emotional VNs, Ripples is a promising tale. For now only the first part is released, but it has received rave reviews. It’s actually a remake of the first VN Ayu Sakata created. Growing from its simple first incarnations, Ripples is now a full-fledged kinetic novel with fully voiced dialogues, CGs, and compelling BGMs. Ayu managed to gather talented people in this heartwarming project. The voice dub is much better than most localized anime and games.

If you don’t know, Kinetic Novel is a Visual Novel without branching paths. You’ll proceed through the story just like reading a picture book.

I’m interested to delve more into the world of Ripples, especially the potential of characters’ growth. Who is Kuu? Will Koda recover his faith on humanity? The whole episode is just a prologue. What will be in the second drop? Currently the project has been stalled for two years but since it’s now on vNovel Interactive, I think further installment is in progress.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux,online reading,  iPhone, and iPad, but I recommend to read it online because it’s so short.


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