Freak-Quency Review

Freak-quency startup screen

This game was initially made by my friend Xerofit51 as a solo warrior, but more people has since joined the project to provide the assets. She’s still on the helm, though. While it’s currently still on development, the demo is already publicly released.

The game freak-quency had been causing quite a stir lately. Players were found dead or presumed missing, but while body counts went higher, the police couldn’t track the culprit.

Sonnya Grey’s life was mostly normal up to the day when she found her brother Milo went missing. Apparently a freak-quency player as well, Milo left nothing but a cell phone for Sonnya to track his wherabouts. Now, Sonnya was forced to take part in the game and see the truth with her own eyes.

Oh, and maybe nab a few bachelors along the way.

The demo at this stage is still crude and experimental, especially if you count the abundance of grammar errors, the awkward honorifics, and buggy scenes. However, things are steadily shaping in the backburner, and I see this as a promising project. I especially like the quest system and clickable environments. Flavor text is delicious!

For a while there’s an RPG framework (Py’Tom) for a turn-based battle system, but Xerofit51 decided to take it out and switched focus to another gameplay aspects because she felt it was underused.

Let’s just hope this is a precursor to another productive indie developer. We need more of them.


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