Ribbon of Green


Ribbon of Green was made by the same person who brought you Prince of Nigeria. However, it is less a VN but more a short story written in Ren’Py. Coren herself stated this was her first completed work in Ren’Py. It contains just two branches and can be read under 15 minutes.

You see the lack of the word ‘review’ in the title? Well, I simply want to talk about the game. It’s so short that I can’t give you review without telling the whole story. Oh, and this was supposed to be written around PoN’s review.

I’ve known that Hanyuan is a ghost since the beginning (you’ve gotta be genre savvy after a while), but the story itself, while simple, is helped by the storytelling. Both characters resonate well with me. I was annoyed by Clarisse’s over-the-top self loathing, then I was quickly reminded that I had went through that phase once.That way, I began to see this in more personal light. I can see myself in Hanyuan and Clarisse. I think the best part is the narration. The repetition makes it sufficiently haunting.

As for art, I like Hanyuan’s sprite, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Clarisse’s proportion. She’s like, so skinny. Then the last part where Hanyuan is smiling with bloody mouth-it’s not exactly comforting.

Some might play it and walk out with a hopeful feeling towards life. I choose to see this game differently: a critic to grade-worshipping education system. I’m a big proponent on standardized test and cheating in general. This game helped me remember how I came to be like this in the first place.


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