Amplitude Postmortem (3): Wrap-up and the Upcoming Roads

Check out the first and second part if you haven’t! Now we’re getting towards the end, have some goodies!

Overall, the Amplitude project had given me a lot of valuable hands-on experience on writing and exploring the inner working of indie commercial game development. On a different scale, it had also been an outlet for me to express frustration in my academic and personal lives. I am grateful for Xero to have given me the chance to be involved in this project.

I’m still maintaining the Amplitude guides. Xero’s still issuing patches. Amplitude will be supported as well as it could be, as long as we could be, with an artbook coming in near future. However, its road, for all intents and purposes, is done for now.

Where do we go from now?
Well, Xero had started another visual novel project called Lingering. Amplitude’s sales had been modest but it means the team could stay together for a little while longer.


As you can see from these new artworks, this game would impart a more stylized approach of storytelling. Lingering does away with the free roam system in favor of a chaptered presentation. Compared to Amplitude, Lingering has a smaller scale but a more mature feel on it. To follow the development, drop by the Lemmasoft thread.

Thank you for reading the series. I hope it entertains you as much as I enjoy writing it. If you like Amplitude, tell your friends and drop us a line. Look forward for Lingering, and here’s to the future of Ceylon Entertainment!

p.s If you enjoy this, you can also buy me a coffee :p

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