Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ~Milos no Seinaru Hoshi~

I finally finished Brotherhood, FMA manga, and Brotherhood Movie (Sacred Star of Milos/Milos no Seinaru Hoshi) yesterday. Why it took me this long to read/watch such a good title? I actually had started reading it five years ago, but because of some reasons, I couldn’t get my hands on the complete series. Within the five years gap I’d been spoiled rotten by my friends, anime magazines, and online forums that they almost ruined the whole experience since one of FMA’s strong point is the plot twist. Thankfully, Arakawa is an awesome storyteller.

By the way, I haven’t watched the 2003 version anime, sorry. My favorite so far is the original manga, because Brotherhood cut and changed a couple of awesome scenes to rush through the story.

I digress. This post is specially for ‘Sacred Star of Milos’.

First of all, it’s a good movie. Not great, and I have a few things to rant about later, but as long as you don’t get your hopes too high it will not disappoint. Action scenes are always a good point of FMA, and here, it delivers. The animation is smooth and crisp, with a couple of CGI. Dunno why though, but Ed’s face will be a little weird every now and then. The soundtrack is not bad too, especially the ending theme, which is sung by L’arc-en-ciel.

I have mixed feelings with the story. At some point it has potential, the next second it falls flat. I’m kind of disappointed because towards the ending, worldbuilding and story expansion seem to be neglected in favor of battle scenes. On the bright side, it brings us to see different side of the world, the relationship between Amestris and the neighboring country Creta, as well as the fate of smaller countries trapped between the bigger nations’ rivalry.

Unfortunately, once we’re on the last battle with the big bad, everything goes down the drain.

Here comes the downside (spoiler alert)

-Remember when Ed whined about crossing the desert with automail attached? Guess what, apparently he could fight in the middle of molten lava just fine. Not even breaking a sweat, he jumped like crazed monkey at one point in the fight. Oh wait, everyone was walking around the path of lava as well. Julia, Atlas, and Ashley could be forgiven because they swallowed the Philosopher’s Stone, which might have given them immunity. Al couldn’t feel heat. But Edward, Roy, and Winry? Seriously?

-T’was an epic fight, right? Ed fending off the big bad with the help of Julia and Al…wait, Roy was there too? Why on earth they had Roy on the battlefield but had him doing nothing but standing dumbly until someone asked for his help? His role was almost nonexistent save for a couple of pretty alchemy tricks at the end. What a waste of good character. Oh? You’re telling me Riza was there as well?

-Even though the siblings both swallowed Philosopher’s Stones, none of them appeared insane. Julia in particular gained big time power-up while keeping her mind intact. Justification might be given because her stone was made from her friends’ blood, which bring us to…

-Philosopher’s Stone creation (Milos version). This is the biggest offender of you ask me. While the 3D transmutation circle was undoubtedly cool, I can’t see how three persons’ blood amounted so much. That must be at least five or six litres of blood flowing through the pipes, not to mention the lake of blood down at the reservoir. It’s impossible unless Atlas managed to pour every fallen soldier’s blood to the system, which is also impossible given the time constraint.

Overall, it’s a fun movie to watch, and will keep you entertained for about two hours. I’ve seen mostly positive reviews on this title so certainly other fans found it more enjoyable than me.